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Virginia Committee of Safety



Whereas Lord Dunmore, not contented with having involved the affairs of this,Colony in extreme confusion, by withdrawing himself unnecessarily from the administration of Government, and exciting an insurrection of our slaves, hath lately, in conjunction with the officers of the Navy, proceeded to commence hostilities against His Majesty' s peaceable subjects in the Town and neighbourhood of Norfolk, captivated many, and seized the property of others, particularly slaves, who are detained from the owners; stopped all intercourse between the inhabitants of that Borough and the other parts of the Colony, except by such as are inimical to the rights of America, by means of whom provisions are supplied to the Troops, and intelligence conveyed to his Lordship of every material transaction, whilst none of his pernicious designs can transpire in the country until they are manifested by the execution of them.

The Committee of Safety, in order to counteract, as far as they can, so unjustifiable partiality, have unanimously resolved that no person whatsoever shall be allowed to pass to or from the Borough of Norfolk, or Town of Portsmouth, without a permit from the said Committee, or the Committee of the County or Corporation wherein such person resides, or from the commanding officer of one of the Regiments, or of a detachment therefrom, or from the commanding officer of a Company or detachment of Minute-Men or Militia, in actual service at the time of such permit; and all Committees, and all officers, civil and military, and all other persons, friends to America, are desired to attend to this Resolution.

By order of the Committee of Safety: