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General Orders, April 14th and April 15th



Head-Quarters, New-York, April 14, 1776.

(Parole, New-York)
(Countersign, Prosperity)

The General compliments the officers who have successively commanded at this post, and returns his thanks to them, and to all the officers and soldiers under their command, for the many works of defence which have been so expeditiously erected, and doubts not but the same spirit of zeal for the service will continue to animate their future conduct.

Exact returns of all the Regiments and Corps to be made up and sent to the Adjutant-General, as soon as possible. The commanding officers at the outposts are also to send a report of the numbers under their command, where and how disposed of. Exact returns also of all the ordnance and military stores, provisions, stores in the department of the


Quartermaster-General, &c˙, to be forthwith delivered to the Commander-in-Chief, signed by the proper officer of the head of each department.

All persons infected with the small-pox are to be immediately removed to a secure place, to be provided by the Quartermaster-General, who will consult the Magistrates of the city thereupon. A proper guard, to be composed of men who have had that disorder, to be fixed at this Hospital, to prevent any Intercourse, but such as the manager shall license.

Pay abstracts are to be made out for each Regiment and Corps in this department, to the 1st of April, exclusive, (each month separate,) and lodged with Major Harrison, Aid-de-Camp to the General, that provision may be made for payment.

As the General is unacquainted at present with the various orders for the good government of the troops here, or the reasons which induced the giving of them; he directs that those, and all General Orders, be duly attended to and obeyed, until countermanded by himself.

The General flatters himself that he shall hear no complaints from the citizens of abuse or ill treatment, in any respect whatsoever; but that every officer and soldier, of every rank and denomination, will pride themselves (as men contending in the glorious cause of liberty ought to do) in an orderly, decent, and regular deportment.

One Captain, four Subalterns, four Sergeants, four Corporals, two Drums, and one hundred Privates, to parade this afternoon, at four o' clock, to go as guard to Governour' s Island.

Two Field-Officers, four Captains, eight Subalterns, sixteen Sergeants, four Drums and Fifes, and four hundred men, from Heath' s and Lord Stirling' s Brigades, to parade at six o' clock, to-morrow morning, with three days' provisions, to go as a working party to Governour' s Island. General Putnam will order boats to be ready at the ferry to transport them.

For the future, the Commissary-General is not to issue any rum to working parties, unless the return is signed by the officer commanding the whole party.