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Report of Charles Miller to the Commissary-General


Sir: As you have directed me to give you a list of the persons employed under me, their several departments, and what pay they ought to have, and likewise myself, in answer to which would say, that I shall not trespass on your time, in giving you a long detail of the great trouble and fatigue there must arise, both in body and mind, to any person who gives close application in the office to which you was pleased to appoint me. I shall say only this, that have done the utmost in my power to serve the cause I


am employed in; and I doubt not, whenever I am called on, I shall be able to make that appear by my books and vouchers. As to my reward, it has always been the custom to allow the Commissary one-eighth for wantage and leakage, and a small salary; so that, with what savings he could make out of the one-eighth allowance, he made a tolerable pay to himself. However, I shall set down content with being obliged to deliver seven-eighths of all the provisions, &c˙; and what may remain, after wantage and leakage is deducted, for my pay.

There are many reasons which might be offered for paying the Commissaries in the above-mentioned way, of which no doubt you know. As you were pleased to inform me those matters were to be laid before General Washington. I write with due submission to his and your judgment in the matter. I should be much obliged to you if you would get settled what rations I am to draw, which, I suppose, will be according to the rank I stand in with the Army; and likewise, whether the Clerks will be allowed more than a single ration.

Below you have a list of the Clerks and Assistants. At your desire I have fixed the pay, which, in my opinion, they ought to have; which, I hope, will be agreeable to you.

I am, with great esteem, your most humble servant,


To Joseph Trumbull, Esq.

Peter Roe Dalton, first Clerk, 4s˙ 8d˙ per day; Ebenezer Perry and Thomas Durant, Clerks at Store, 3s˙ 4d˙ ditto; William Brown and Josiah Brown, Clerks at Scales, 3s˙ 4d˙ ditto; Robert Davis, Clerk, Deliverer of part of Weekly Allowance, &c˙, 3s˙ 4d˙ per day; eight Assistants, 2s˙ 8d˙; one Cooper, 2s˙ 8d˙; one Cook, 2s˙ 8d.