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Letter from Mr˙ Zeisburger.


In a Letter dated 27th May.

Proth and his family having been hindered from setting off from here till this day, I will mention what we heard since my last. It is but too true that two parties of Shawanese are gone against the settlements; we also heard that some with no good intent would visit us, and other terrifying reports of that sort. But last night a stranger, a sensible Indian, told us that it is only the Shawanese at Woaketameka, who want war, and are so mad because some of their people have been killed; these only have sent out the parties. The lower Shawanese were peaceable yet, and would have no war; and when the Mingoes came thither to kill the traders there, the Shawanese took them into their protection, and told the Mingoes "if they would war against the white people, they would not hinder them, but they should not kill such people in their town who could not defend themselves; they would take them into their bosom and not suffer that any harm should be done unto them." I believe this to be a true account that the Shawanese are far from unanimous for war, and I am yet in hopes things will be settled again.