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New-York Delegates to the Provincial Congress,



Philadelphia, July 29, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We have received your letters of the 18th and 22d instant, and though sensible of the inconveniences arising from a scarcity of arms, are much at a loss respecting the best measures for a supply. As we have good reason to believe that an application to the Congress to recommend a loan of the Jersey arms would not succeed, we have agreed not to make it. No Colony has as yet given the Congress any trouble on that head, and we are unwilling that New-York should be the firSt˙ We advise, however, that accurate accounts of disbursements for arms be kept, so that, should any charges of that kind be made against the Continent, our Colony may be prepared to support their claim. Besides, it is easy to foresee that New-Jersey, under the present circumstances of publick affairs, would very reluctantly part with their arms, and be displeased with any recommendation for that purpose.

Permit us to recommend to your most serious attention the necessity of laying your hands on all the powder that is or may be imported into the Colony. We think none should be permitted to go out of the Province, but by the express direction of the Congress, or your Committee, and that magazines of that article should be formed in different parts of the Province, and not that the whole be risked in one place.

We hope our Province will depend for defence on their own exertions, and without delay put the Militia on the footing recommended by the Congress.

The Delegates of New-Jersey are charged with the


transportation of two tons and a half of powder to Dobbs' s Ferry, where the Congress desire you to have a boat ready to receive and forward it to General Schuyler.

As to a treaty or conference with the Five Nations, the Congress has already provided for it, and consequently it would be improper to lay the papers you sent us on that subject before the Congress.

We are, Gentlemen, with the greatest respect, your most obedient and humble servants,


To the Committee of Safety of the Colony of New-York.

P˙ S. We recommend to collect all your accounts against the Continent, with all convenient speed. It is probable that a Committee will be appointed to examine them. Mr˙ Hazard is appointed Deputy Postmaster for New-York. The Continental money is signing, and will be ready next week.