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Lieut. Governor Colden to Earl of Dartmouth


Captain Lockyer, with the so long looked for tea from the India Company, arrived at Sandy Hook on the 19th of last month. The ship came no farther up, and a few days after sailed from thence again for London, with the tea on board. Neither the Captain, nor any other, made the least application to me about the ship or her cargo. The account of this affair, published in the enclosed Newspaper, is as particular and full as any I could procure.

In the same paper your Lordship will find an account of some more violent proceedings against a parcel of tea imported by Captain Chambers, of the ship London, who arrived here while Captain Lockyer was in this place. As no application was made to me by Captain Chambers, or any other, before or since the riotous event, I cannot give


your Lordship a better account of it than is contained in the printed paper.

It happened early in the evening, and though a pretty large number of spectators were assembled, the quarter where I reside, and the greater part of the town, was perfectly quiet. It is said Captain Chambers drew the particular resentment of the people upon himself by the duplicity of his conduct. Last voyage he claimed applause here for being the first who refused to take the India Company' s tea on board his ship, and received public thanks from the people of this place for it.

A few days after Governor Tryon went from hence, a small sloop loaded with Dutch tea, duck, &c˙, was seized by an officer of the custom-house. She was taken in this port at noon day, and secured without any tumult on the occasion.