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The Committee Met


Thursday, 9 ho˙ A˙ M˙, July 13, 1775.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment. Present:

For KING' S COUNTY, Henry Williams, esq˙, Chairman and Commissioner.
For the CITY AND COUNTY OF NEW-YORK, Peter Van Brugh, Livingston, Colonel McDougall, Abraham Brasher, and Isaac Low, Joseph Hallett, Jacobus Van Zandt, James Beckman, Samuel Verplanck, and John Van Cortlandt.
For the CITY AND COUNTY OF ALBANY, Gouverneur Morris.
For ULSTER COUNTY, Egbert Dumond.
For DUTCHESS COUNTY, Jonathan Landon.
For SUFFOLK COUNTY, Abraham Brasher.
For WESTCHESTER COUNTY, Gouverneur Morris.
For RICHMOND COUNTY, Richard Lawrence.
For QUEEN' S COUNTY, Colonel McDougall.
For TRYON COUNTY, Peter Van Brugh Livingston.


A Letter from Stephen Ward and Joseph Drake, informing that Nehemiah Marshall, nominated a Second Lieutenant in Westchester County, had declined the service, and recommending Samuel Tredwell Pell in his stead, was read and filled, with the Warrant formerly issued.

Ordered, That a Warrant be made out for the said Samuel Tredwell Pell, in the place and stead of the said Nehemiah Marshall.

Colonel McDougall applied to the Committee for an order to Mr˙ Curtenius to furnish the following articles for the Armourers of the First Regiment, viz: one hundred and fifty Steel Rods; one hundred and fifty Bell Pipes; twelve pound of Sheet Brass; one pound of Borax; four dozen of different sorts of Files; six Rasps; four pound of Emory; six pound of Glue; twenty-five pound of Steel; two pound of Binding Wire; twenty-five pound of Iron; two pound of Spelter Solder; one Glue Pot; one Grindstone and one Oil-stone; two small Hand-Vices; six pound of coarse Wire; one small Screwplate and Taps.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Peter T˙ Curtenius purchase the before-mentioned articles, and furnish or deliver them to Colonel McDougall or his order.

A Letter from Hezekiah Howell, Chairman of the Committee of Cornwall Precinct, giving information that Stephen Howell, of that Precinct, who was appointed a Second Lieutenant, had declined the service, was read; and a Letter from the said Stephen Howell, declaring his resignation of his Warrant, was also read and filed. And the said Committee of Cornwall Precinct, by their Letter, having warmly recommended Jonas Bellows to be a Second Lieutenant in the place of the said Stephen Howell,

Resolved and Agreed, That a Warrant be signed by the President of this Congress and delivered to the said Jonas Bellows, for his use, as soon as the Warrant to Stephen Howell is returned.

A Letter from Walter Spooner, Chairman of a Committee at Springfield, Massachusetts-Bay, dated Springfield, July 3, 1775, was read.