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Offer of Mr. Burkmeyer to contract for beef; rejected, Mr. Hest to be furnished with two hundred bushels of salt to procure hemp for the Navy


Received a Note from Mr˙ Charles Burkmeyer to contract for thirty barrels of Beef, at £16 per barrel. Rejected.

Agreed to furnish Mr˙ William Hest with two hundred bushels of Salt, to enable him to procure Hemp from the back country for the use of the Navy.

Received a Letter from Captain Thomas Picketing:

"Off Sunbury, Thursday noon.

"SIR: We left Charlestown Bar yesterday, about ten o' clock, and having a fine breeze, stood along shore all night, and this morning fell in with a sloop. After giving chase all day, we came up with her about two o' clock. She proved to be a French sloop, from the Cape, bound for Charlestown, Mr˙ Aberdie Master. He is the gentleman who delivers you this. I received several articles from him before we parted. As he complained of being a stranger to the place and people, I have taken the liberty to give him these few lines to you. Any services you can render him will infinitely oblige me. The wind at present is small, and off the land. Am much afraid we shall be puzzled to make Sunbury; however, shall do my endeavours to discharge the trust reposed in me. The people upon deck call out lsquo;A sail!rsquo; and as we are preparing to give chase, I must conclude.

"I remain, sir, your obedient, humble servant,


"Mr˙ Blake:"

Adjourned to next Thursday evening, six o' clock.