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Letter from the South-Carolina Committee of Safety to George Clymer



In the Council of Safety, Charlestown, S˙ C˙, December 31, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The Congress, by a Resolution of the 12th July last, empowered the Commissioners of Indian Affairs in the Southern Department, to receive from the Continental Treasury ten thousand dollars, for defraying the expenses of treaties and presents to Indians. The Commissioners met at Salisbury on the 13th ultimo, and, among other proceedings, (copies of all which they transmitted to the Congress,) resolved on a meeting with the Creek and Cherokee Indians, empowered three of their members to purchase goods for presents to the Indians, and to draw on us for ten thousand dollars, and required us to advance them, and draw on you for the like sum. We have, accordingly, agreed to do so, acquainted them therewith, and shall pay their draft when presented, which we expect will be soon.

As we have occasion to send a gentleman. Captain Robert Cochran, to the Massachusetts-Bay, on some particular business of the Colony, in the execution of which he will require money, we have thought proper to draw on you, in his favour, for the sum, to be paid as he may have occasion. We should have procured an order from the Commissioners, which would have been a more formal and proper way of doing the business, but the service on which this gentleman goes requires despatch, money for him will be absolutely necessary. The only Commissioner in this Colony lives at a very great distance, another is in Georgia, a third in the Cherokee country, another in North-Carolina, and the fifth in Virgina; so that waiting for a draft from them, or a majority of them, would have occasioned much delay. We have, therefore, only to repeat, that we hope Mr˙ Cochran will meet with no disapointment, as it would frustrate our scheme, and be very detrimental to this Colony in particular, and, perhaps, to America in general. We presume the Congress is adjourned, or should have wrote to them on the subject. If they are, and you have any doubts about the propriety of paying this money, be pleased to mention them to the Delegates of Pennsylvania and Mr˙ Charles Thomson, who, we think, will remove them.

By order of the Council of Safety:


To George Clymer and Michael Hillegas, Esquires, Continental Treasurers, at Philadelphia.