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Officers Chosen by the Company of North-Providence Rangers


The Return of the Officers chosen to command the Company of North-Providence Rangers, in the County of Providence, was read in Council, and is as follows, to wit:

Joseph Olney, Captain; Joseph Randall, Lieutenant; Thomas Olney, Junior, Ensign.

Which being duly considered by the Council,

It is Voted and Resolved, That tire said Officers be, and they are hereby approved.

Whereas, Thursday, the 20th day of July next, is recommended by the honourable the Continental Congress to be observed as a day of Publick Fasting and Prayer throughout the Colonies: It is, therefore,

Voted and Resolved, That his Honour the: Deputy Governour be, and he is hereby requested to issue a Proclamation, to be published in the Newport Mercury, and Providence Gazette, earnestly recommending the same to be religiously observed by the inhabitants of this Colony.

It is Voted and Resolved, That his Honour the Deputy-Governour be, and he is hereby requested to write an answer to the Letter from the Delegates of this Colony at the Continental Congress, and to transmit to them a copy of the proceedings of this Assembly.

It is Voted and Resolved, That the Secretary publish the Acts and Orders now made and passed, by beat of drum, in the Town of Providence, within ten days after the rising of this Assembly; and in thirty, send copies thereof to the several Sheriffs in this Colony, by them to be transmitted to the Town Clerks of the Towns in their respective Counties; and that this Assembly be, and hereby is adjourned to the third Monday in August next, then to meet in the Town of Providence,

GOD save the KING.

Published according to order, on Tuesday, the 27th day of June, A˙ D˙, 1775, by

HENRY WARD, Secretary.