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Memorial and Petition from the Officers


A Memorial and Petition from the Officers of the four Battalions associated in the County of Philadelphia for defence of American liberty, was presented to the House, and read, setting forth, that the Memorialists, purely with a view to serve their Country' s cause, have freely given much time to perfect themselves, and the men they have been chosen to command in military exercises, and have incurred an expense for drums and colours, and the payment of Adjutants, Fuglemen, Sergeants, Drummers, Fifers, &c˙; that some of the Petitioners have exerted their utmost endeavours to procure sufficient Arms and Accoutrements, which were put into the hands of such able-bodied men under their command, whose circumstances did not permit to pay


for themselves; that the Petitioners beg leave to present just accounts of expenditures, and to place reliance on the wisdom and justice of the honourable House for reimbursement of the past, and provision for future necessary expenses.

Ordered to lie on the table.