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A letter received from Captain Seymour, of the Rattlesnake, and from Lieutenant Seward, of the Defence


Navy Board, Monday, 16th December, 1776.

The Board met according to adjournment.

Present: Edward Blake, Esquire, First Commissioner, Roger Smith, Thomas Corbett, Thomas Savage, Josiah Smith, George Smith, Esqs.

No˙ 4. A Letter received from Captain Stephen Seymour, of the Schooner Rattlesnake, stationed at Georgetown, dated the 12th December, 1776.

No˙ 5. A Letter received from Lieutenant Wm˙ Seward, First Lieutenant of the Brigantine Defence, dated Cape Nicola Mole, November 30, 1776.

Agreed, That the First Commissioner do furnish the Clerk with £2,000, in order to proceed to George-Town, to pay off the people belonging to the Rattlesnake, stationed there.

Agreed, That the First Commissioner do direct Mr˙ Heizekiah Anthony to repair on board the Comet, and act as Second Lieutenant on board the said Brigantine; in case of refusal to act in that station, to order him on board the Schooner Rattlesnake, to act as First Lieutenant; in case of refusal, to demand his commission, and dismiss him the service.