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Advices From America



(London Gazette,) Whitehall, December 23, 1775.

This morning Brook Watson, Esq˙, arrived at Lord George Germain' s office, from Quebeck, with despatches from Major-General Carleton, dated Montreal, the 5th of November, containing intelligence that General Carleton, not being able to collect a force that might be depended upon for the relief of St˙ John' s, the Rebels had taken advantage of the defection of the lower class of Canadians to press forward their enterprise; and that the forts of Chambly and St˙ John' s, upon Richlieu river, the latter of which had stopped the progress of the Rebels for above two months, had surrendered, and the garrisons were made prisoners upon capitulation.

By a letter from Lieutenant-Governour Cramahe, dated Quebeck, November 9, it appears, that a party of Rebels, under the command of one Arnold, had invaded the Province by the way of the river Chaudiere; and that part of them were actually arrived, and had taken post at Point-Levi, opposite to Quebeck.