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Doctor Connoly Allowed


The Secret Committee, to whom the Petition of Mr˙ Pierre Le Fargue was referred, brought in their Report.

Whereupon, Resolved, That Mr˙ Pierre Le Fargue be permitted to load the Sloop, in which he imported a small quantity of Powder and Arms, with the produce of these Colonies, (Horned Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Poultry, and Lumber for making Casks excepted,) and export the same to Martinique. And that the said Mr˙ Pierre Le Fargue


do take every possible precaution to avoid all British men-of-war and cutters on the voyage, and use his utmost endeavours to import into these Colonies the Powder and Arms mentioned in his Memorial, and proposed to be imported by him.

The Committee on the Memorial of Murray, Sansom & Co˙, &c˙, brought in their Report, which was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

A Memorial from the Committee of Safety of Pennsylvania, was laid before Congress, respecting the erecting of Powder-Mills.

Ordered, To lie on the table.

Resolved, That the sum of 100 Dollars be paid to Mr˙ Dohickey Arundel, and that he be directed immediately to repair to General Schuyler.

That a quarter-cask of Powder be delivered to Captain Craig, of Colonel St˙ Clair' s Battalion, for the use of his Company.

That the sum of 12,000 Dollars be advanced to the Convention or Committee of Safety of New-York, for the use of the Battalions to be raised there; that the same be transmitted by the Delegates of that Colony, the said Convention, or Committee of Safety, to be accountable.

A Letter from Doctor Rush, and a Memorial from Doctor Connolly, respecting the state of said Connolly' s health, was presented to Congress and read: whereupon,

Resolved, That the said J˙ Connolly be allowed, at suitable times, to walk in the Prison-yard, or Hall, the Jail-keeper taking especial care to prevent his escape.

The Inhabitants of Richmond County, in the Colony of New-York, having refused to send Deputies to represent them in Provincial Convention, and otherwise manifested their enmity and opposition to the system and measures adopted for preserving the liberties of America; and, as a just punishment for their inimical conduct, the Inhabitants of that Colony having been prohibited by the Convention from all intercourse and dealings with the Inhabitants of the said County, and this Congress being informed by the Committee of Safety of that Colony, that the Freeholders of the said County, did afterwards, without any opposition, elect Deputies to represent them in Provincial Convention; but, as the proceedings against them had been submitted to the consideration of Congress, it was apprehended the Deputies could not be received, until the sense of Congress thereupon should be communicated:

Resolved, therefore, That it be referred to the said Provincial Convention, to take such measures respecting the admission of the Deputies, and revoking the interdict upon the Inhabitants of said County, as they shall judge most expedient: Provided, That the said Deputies, and major part of the Inhabitants of said County, shall subscribe the Association entered into in that Colony.

Resolved, That Monday, the 19th day of this month, be appointed for Doctor Smith to deliver a Funeral Oration in honour of General Montgomery, and of those Officers and Soldiers who so magnanimously fought and fell with him in maintaining the principles of American liberty.

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.