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Address of the Officers of the Fourth Virginia Battalion to Adam Stephen, Esq., Brigadier General in the service of the United States of America, and Answer of General Stevens



The Address of the Officers of the Fourth virginia Battalion to adam stephen, Esq˙, Brigadier-General in the service of the united states OF america:

SIR: It is with heartfelt satisfaction that the Officers of the Fourth Battalion have been informed, that the honourable Continental Congress have been pleased to promote you to the rank of a Brigadier-General in the Continental service. We conceive it a promotion justly due to your merit; and please to permit us to congratulate you on this event, which we cordially hope may be attended with every possible degree of happiness to yourself, and service to the just cause in which you have so early and readily embarked.

When we reflect, sir, on the kind, the indulgent, the manly treatment we have received whilst under your immediate eye, as commandant of our battalion; when we also consider with what facility you established amongst us that discipline and order so essential to the preservation and glory of an army, we are at a loss which most to admire, the polite gentleman or the accomplished officer.

By the regulation of Congress we fear we shall be deprived of you — although it is amongst one of the most desirable wishes of our hearts to be still under your immediate direction and command; should we, sir, be so unfortunate as to find our conjectures right on this occasion, we would wish you to know that the officers of the Fourth Battalion, with hearts replete with gratitude and respect, will devoutly implore the Divine Being for your safety and protection, in whatever part of America the service of the United States thereof may require your presence.

Portsmouth, September 19, 1776.