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Message from the Committee of St. John' s Parish, to the Committee of the several Parishes of Georgia


Friday, January 20, 1775. — Another Message was sent to the Committees of the several Parishes in Congress met, in the following terms:

GENTLEMEN: On the first day of your meeting we presented you with a Message, acquainting you that the inhabitants of the Parish of St˙ John had acceded to the General Association entered into, and particularly recommended to them by the late Continental Congress. We have patiently waited your answer, and wish to impute your silence rather to inattention than design. We now assure you, that if you think proper to enter fully into the measures of the late Continental Congress, we will heartily join you in every thing that may tend to enforce them.

The Committees of the several Parishes met in Congress, sent the following Answer thereto:

GENTLEMEN: In answer to your Message of this morning, we beg leave to inform you of three determinations, from which, this Congress, we hope, will never recede.

First. That we shall be glad to have the Province upon this occasion, as fully represented as possible; and will therefore cheerfully receive the Delegates of St˙ John' s Parish, as a part of us.

Secondly. That we apprehend every Delegate here, is accountable to his constituents and his own conscience, for the opinion he gives at this time; and therefore, ought not to let any other man, or set of men, judge for him.

Thirdly. That we trust no Member amongst us has any other object in view than the publick good.