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Committee to Consider a Letter from Gen. Ward



Ordered, That Commissions be delivered to Ezra Badlam, Captain of the Train of Artillery, in the room of John Wiley; John Sibley, Lieutenant; Samuel Dagget, Second Lieutenant; and John Blanchard, Second Lieutenant; agreeable to the recommendation of the Committee of Safety.

Ordered, That Colonel Foster, Mr˙ Foster, and Captain Goodridge, be a Committee to consider a Letter from General Ward this day received.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Fisher, Doctor Whiting, and Major Brooks, be a Committee to receive sort, and count the votes for three gentlemen go to Springfield, to meet Generals Washington and Lee.

The Committee having attended that service, reported, that Doctor Church, Mr˙ Gill, and the Hon˙ Major Hawley, were chosen.

The Hon˙ Major Hawley moved that he might be excused from that service; and having offered his reasons, the question was put, and he was excused accordingly.

Resolved, That the voted for choosing three persons to go to Springfield, to meet Generals Washington and Lee, be reconsidered, so far as that only two persons should be appointed to repair thither on that service.

Resolved, That Captain McKenster and Captain Porter, who have each of them raised a Company at New-York and Connecticut, be permitted to join Colonel Patterson' s Regiment, provided, their Companies are complete and equipped, and that Major Goodwin bring in a Resolve for this purpose.

Resolved, That General Whitcomb' s Commission be dated the 21st day of June.

Resolved, That the President be desired to administer to General Whitcomb the Oath appointed to be administered to the General Officers of the Army.


The President delivered to General Whitcomb a Commission as a Major-General of the Massachusetts Army.