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General Schuyler to Governour Trumbull



Ticonderoga, September 20, 1775.

SIR: Your Honour' s several letters of the 26th and 28th ult˙, and 11th instant, I have received. A very severe fit of illness, which attacked me before I left this, had brought me so extremely low, that it was thought necessary I should return here, in order, if possible, to recover my health. I find myself, though very weak, yet much better, and hope soon to be able to rejoin my Army, which is now besieging St˙ John' s; from which place all the savages are retired, at the request, I suppose, of the Six Nations, who have sent Deputies to Canada for that purpose. I hope soon to give your Honour a favourable account of our operations. Our sick, especially of the Troops of your Colony, multiply with an alarming rapidity. I discharge such as are able to get home, and the remainder I send to Fort George, where I have established a hospital. I shall be happy, Sir, if I can find a place for Lieutenant Halsey. His disappointment did not arise from any order or arrangement of mine.

I am surprised at the impropriety of Mr˙ Phelps' s conduct, in the application he has made to your Pay Table. I shall order all the accounts to be discharged as soon as the Paymaster-General returns here from the Army, whom I expect in a very few days, and as soon as I am furnished with the accounts to annex the warrants. Major Hobby and Captain Mead, who were wounded, are out of danger. The loss of two such very good officers distressed me much.

I am, with sentiments of esteem, your Honour' s most obedient and humble servant,


To the Honourable Jonathan Trumbull,

P˙ S. Be pleased to forward the enclosed letter to General Washington by the first safe hand.