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Chester County (Pennsylvania) Committee



In Committee, Chester, May 31, 1775.

Whereas it appears very necessary, in order to avert the evils and calamities which threaten our devoted Country, to embody ourselves and make all the military preparations in our power; and it appears absolutely impossible to carry this laudable design into execution, without observing the greatest order, harmony, and concord, not only under the laws of civil Government, but also while under arms and on actual duty. We, therefore, unanimously recommend the following Association to be entered into by the good people of this County:

"We, the subscribers, do most solemnly resolve, promise, and engage, under the sacred ties of honour, virtue


and love to our Country, that we will use our utmost endeavours to learn the military exercise, and promote harmony and unanimity in our respective Companies; that we will strictly adhere to the rules of decency during duty; that we will pay a due regard to our Officers; that we will, when called upon, support with our utmost abilities the civil Magistrate in the execution of the laws for the good of our Country; and that we will at all times be in readiness to defend the lives, liberties, and properties of ourselves and fellow-countrymen against all attempts to deprive us of them."

Information being lodged with this Committee that William Moore, Esq˙, has expressed himself in terms inimical to the liberties of America, and derogatory to the


Continental Congress; and as a special Committee is now appointed to examine into the affair, the publick are desired to suspend their judgment until Mr˙ Moore has had an opportunity either to exculpate himself from the charge, or make proper acknowledgment to his Country.

By order of the Committee: