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Governour Cooke to New-Hampshire Assembly



State of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, In General Assembly, Proyidence, December 13, 1776.

HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: We have not as yet perfect intelligence of the force of the enemy upon Rhode-Island, but by the best accounts we have been able to collect, their numbers do not exceed eight, nor fall short of five thousand men.

The Militia of the Massachusetts-Bay and Connecticut, with a spirit and an ardour that does them honour, have marched to our assistance; and with the Militia of this State amount to between six and seven thousand, who are at present posted in many different places around the bay, but without form, not having a leader nor any general plan of offence or defence.

In this situation of affairs, being sensible that although the blow hath first fallen upon us, the safety of New-England, and perhaps the fate of America, depends upon establishing an Army with the utmost expedition, capable of opposing that body of the enemy which hath taken possession of Rhode-Island; and fully convinced that the authority of this State will prove inadequate to the giving form to and regulating an army collected from different States and to the directing of their operations, we have appointed a Council of War, with full power to exert the force of this State, in concurrence with Committees that may be appointed from the other New-England States, in the necessary measures for the common defence, &c.

We transmit you by express a copy of the vote , not doubting your immediate attention to this most important object, and the most vigorous exertions of the powers of your State for the publick safety.

We are, honourable gentlemen, your most obedient, humble servant.

Signed at the request, and in behalf of, the General Assembly.


Honourable General Assembly of the State of New-Hampshire.

P˙ S. The Legislature of this State have appointed a Committee to draft a bill for fixing the price of necessaries for the Army and the inhabitants, as we have intelligence the State of Connecticut have done; and we hope your State will enter into a like measure.

[Same to General Court of the Massachusetts-Bay.]