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Committee on a Memorial from the Selectmen of Salem


The Honourable Mr˙ Spooner, Honourable Mr˙ Sever, and the Hon˙ Col˙ Bowers, appointed to consider a Memorial from the Convention at Worcester, being absent,

Ordered, That the Honourable Mr˙ Dexter, Colonel Dwight, and Captain Stone, be appointed in their stead.

A Memorial from the Selectmen of the Town of Salem, was read, and committed to Colonel Glover, Dr˙ Taylor, and Mr˙ Wheeler.

The Report of the Committee appointed to bring in a Resolve for giving currency to the Bills of Credit of the other Governments, was read, and recommitted.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Orne, Colonel Porter, and Mr˙ Whittemore, be a Committee to consider the Petition of Benjamin Ames, and seven other Companies of Colonel Fry' s Regiment, and report.

The Committee on the Petition of the Inhabitants of Machias, reported. The Report was ordered to lie on the table for further consideration.


Ordered, That Colonel Warren, Honourable Mr˙ Dexter, Colonel Gerrish, Colonel Otis, and Colonel Farley, be a Committee to confer with the two gentlemen, Members of the Congress of New-Hampshire, who have just brought a Letter from that Congress to this.

Resolved, That to-morrow, four o' clock, P˙ M˙, be assigned for the choice of two gentlemen to act as Major-Generals in the Massachusetts Army. The Report of the Committee on the Letter from Hopkinton, was read. The consideration of it was put off to five o' clock this afternoon.

On the Representation of the Town Clerk of Lunenburgh, (by his Letter to Doctor Taylor,) respecting their Town stock of Powder, &c˙,

Resolved, That that Town be excused from delivering out of their stock any more than one half barrel, the Resolve of the former Congress directing the Selectmen of said Town, to deliver two barrels to the order of the Committee of Supplies, notwithstanding.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Orne and Mr˙ Vose be of the Committee appointed to collect the Letters of the late Governour Hutchinson, in the room of Doctor Perkins and Mr˙ Ellis, who are absent.