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Governour Wright' s Answer to the Message of the Congress


Friday, July 7, 1775.

The following is his Excellency' s Answer to the Message of this Congress:

Savannah, July 7, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I have taken the opinion of His Majesty' s Council relative to the request made by the gentlemen who have assembled together by the name of a Provincial Congress, and must premise, that I cannot consider that meeting as constitutional; but as the request is expressed in such loyal and dutiful terms, and the ends proposed being such as every good man must most ardently wish for, I will certainly appoint a day of Fasting and Prayer to be observed throughout this Province.


To Stephen Drayton, esq˙, and the other Gentlemen who waited on the Governour.

A motion was made and seconded, that the thanks of this Congress be given to his Excellency the Governour, for his Answer to the Message of this Congress, and his ready compliance with their request; which, being put, unanimously passed in the affirmative.

Ordered, That Dr˙ Zubly, John Smith, and Joseph Clay, be a Committee for that purpose.