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Ethan Allen to the Albany Committee



Ticonderoga, May 11, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I have the inexpressible satisfaction to acquaint you that at day-break pf the tenth, instant, pursuant to my directions from sundry leading gentlemen of Massachusetts-Bay and Connecticut, I took the fortress of Ticonderoga, with about one hundred and thirty Green Mountain Boys. Colonel Easton with about forty-seven valiant soldiers, distinguished themselves in the action, Colonel Arnold entered the fortress with me side by side. The guard was surprised, that contrary to expectation they did not fire on us, but fled with precipitancy. We immediately entered the fortress, and took the garrison prisoners, without bloodshed, or any opposition. They consisted of one Captain, and a Lieutenant and forty-two men.

Little more need be said. You know Governour Carleton of Canada will exert himself to retake it; and as your County is nearer than any other part of the Colonies, and as your inhabitants have thoroughly manifested their zeal in the cause of their Country, I expect immediate assistance from you both in men and provisions. You cannot exert yourselves too much, in so glorious a cause. The number of men need be more at first, till the other Colonies can have time to muster. I am apprehensive of a sudden and quick attack. Pray be quick to our relief, and send us five hundred men immediately — fail not. From your friend and humble servant,

ETHAN ALLEN, Commander of Ticonderoga.

Abraham Yates, Chairman of the Committee, Albany.