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Chester County (Pennysylvania) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee for the County of Chester, at the Borough of Chester, May 15, 1775, Anthony Wayne, Esquire, in the chair, the following Resolves were made, viz:

Whereas the British Parliament, instead of hearing our just complaints or showing the least regard to the dutiful and loyal Petition of the late Continental Congress in behalf of America, have proceeded to fresh acts of tyranny and oppression, which, added to an Address of both Lords and Commons to His Majesty, declaring the inhabitants of the Province of Massachusetts-Bay to be in a state of open rebellion, and several of the other Colonies encouragers of the same, have induced the soldiery under the command of General Gage, at Boston, to commence a civil war, by wantonly firing upon and murdering a number of the inhabitants of that Province: And whereas the said Address militates equally against all the inhabitants of the other Colonies, who have the virtue to refuse obedience to laws and measures destructive to the best rights and liberties of America, which, if suffered to take effect, must inevitably reduce these Colonies to a state of abject slavery, from which, in all probability, no human efforts would ever be able to rescue them; and although we will not yield to any of our fellow-subjects in point of duty and loyalty to our most gracious Sovereign, yet we cannot be so far negligent of our own happiness as totally to neglect providing for our common safety:

Therefore resolved unanimously, 1st. That it is the indispensable duty of all the freemen of this County immediately to form and enter into Associations for the purpose of learning the military art; and that they provide themselves with proper Arms and Ammunition, to be ready in case of emergency to defend our liberty, property, and lives, against all attempts to deprive us of them. And we solemnly engage to promote such Associations to the utmost of our power.

2d. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That no Powder be expended in this County, except on emergent occasions, and the store and shop-keepers are requested not to dispose of any, except to some one or more of this Committee, who are ordered to purchase the same.

3d. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That this Committee, confiding in the wisdom and virtue of the Continental Congress now sitting in Philadelphia, will adopt, and use their utmost endeavours to carry into execution, all such measures as the said Congress shall recommend for the preservation of American liberty.

4th. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, It is earnestly recommended to every subscriber in this County for the relief of the poor


in Boston, that they immediately pay the same, as it is much wanted for the benevolent purposes intended.

5th. Resolved, nem˙ con˙, That each member of this Committee will give his attendance at the Borough of Chester on the 31st of this instant, at ten o' clock, A˙M˙, in order to consult the Justices, Grand Jury, and Board of


Commissioners and Assessors, on ways and means to procure a proper quantity of Arms and Ammunition for the use of this County.

The Committee then adjourned to the time and place above-mentioned. By order of the Committee: