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To the Publick



I hereby publickly acknowledge that I have, but with no sinister intention, violated the American Association in selling several articles of my last cargo at more than one hundred and fifty per cent, advance upon the prime cost. My goods were imported via Philadelphia, and consequently were much mote chargeable than if imported directly into this Province. This extraordinary expense I thought I had a right to reimburse myself; but I find I was mistaken. I am, sorry I have offended. I am willing to make satisfaction as far as is in my power. I shall give credit in every article where I have charged a farthing more than one hundred and fifty per cent, upon the prime cost. And as my character as a vender of goods has hitherto been very irreproachable, and I have been as zealous an assertor of American freedom as any man upon the Continent, my sphere of life considered, I hope the publick will forgive this offence, more especially as it has been owing to a misapprehension of the matter, and not to any design of taking advantage of the scarcity of goods that now prevails.


April 13, 1775.