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Letter from the Committee of Kingston, New-York



Kingston, May 22, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: As per enclosed, the Committee sends you two copies of the examinations of James and Lemuel Monger , concerning the counterfeiting and passing bills of credit of the Continental emission, Provincial Congress emission, and Connecticut emission. In the examination is a full confession of what they have made and done. The originals we have thought proper to keep until further order respecting the matter from the Continental Congress or the Provincial Congress. If the gentlemen think proper, please to report the same to the Continental Congress, that the Committee of Kingston may know what to do therein; and in the mean time should be glad to receive the advice of the Provincial Congress what to do.

Mr˙ Godfrey Haines, who was sent here, has made his escape from us last week. He happened to fall sick while in jail, and made application to us to come out of close confinement, and to have the liberty of the house until he got better; and before we imagined that he would attempt it, he made his escape.

By order of the Committee:


To the President of the honourable Provincial Congress, or in the recess, to the Chairman of the Committee of Safety in the City of New-York.