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General Orders


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, August 15, 1775.

(Parole, Arlington.)

(Countersign, Bedford.)

David Henly, Esq˙, is appointed Brigade Major to Gen˙ Heath' s Brigade.

John Trumbull, Esq˙, is appointed Brigade Major to General Spencer' s Brigade.

Richard Carey, Esq˙, is appointed Brigade Major to the Brigade commanded by the eldest Colonel.

Thomas Chase, Daniel Box, and Alexander Scammell, Esqrs˙,are appointed to continue to do the duty of Brigade Majors to the Brigades they respectively belong.


Edmund Randolph and George Baylor, Esqs˙, are appointed Aids-de-Camp to the Commander-in-Chief. All and every of the above named gentlemen to be obeyed in their respective capacities.

The Quartermaster General is, without delay, to examine the encampments and coverings of the different Reginients and Corps; to see that those which are not designed to remain in houses; are provided as soon as possible with tents or boards sufficient for their accommodation; at the same time he is to take care to prevent any unnecessary waste of the latter, and to put a stop to the officers building such large houses as some of them are doing, unless they are intended for the accommodation of a number sufficient to fill them, or are to be built at their own expense. But no large house to be placed near any of the redoubts or lines.

In addition to the order of the 4th instant, the Colonel or commanding officer of each Regiment and Corps is to cause an exact account to be taken (by his Captains) of the number of cartridges which each man is possessed of, and at evening, at roll calling, have them examined, as directed in the said order; when, if any are wanting, and cannot be accounted for, the delinquent, over and above the punishment due to his offence, is to be charged with the deficiency, and so much of his pay stopped accordingly.