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Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Norwich



At a very full Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Norwich, in the Colony of Connecticut, legally warned and convened, in the Town House, on the 6th day of June, 1774.

The Hon˙ JABEZ HUNTINGDON, Esq˙, Moderator.

Voted, That this meeting be adjourned to the Meeting House, and there immediately opened, that more convenient room may be had for the number of people now assembled.

The meeting was opened at the Meeting House accordingly, when the following Resolves passed, almost unanimously.

Voted, That we will, to the utmost of our abilities, assert and defend the liberties and immunities of British America; and that we will co-operate with our brethren in this and the other Colonies, in such reasonable measures as shall, in a general Congress, or otherwise, be judged most proper to relieve us from the burdens we now feel, and secure us from greater evils we fear will follow from the principles adopted by the British Parliament respecting the town of Boston.

Voted, That Captain Jedediah Huntingdon, Christopher Leffingwell, Esq˙, Dr˙ Theophilus Rogers, Captain William Hubbard, and Captain Joseph Trumbull, be a Standing Committee, for the keeping up a correspondence with the towns in this and the neighbouring Colonies, and that they transmit a copy of these votes to the Committee of Correspondence for the town of Boston.

A true copy of record — attest,

BENJ˙ HUNTINGDON, Jun˙; Town Clerk.