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Defence of Rev. John Scott


The deposition of Levin Carey, being of full age, taken before me this day; who, being sworn on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, saith: That on a certain Saturday, about three months ago, this deponent applied to the Rev˙ Mr˙ John Scott for his opinion, how he approved of Stephen Horsey' s intention to raise a Company, by virtue of a commission to be obtained from the Governour, and to have nothing to do with those who were mustering agreeable to the resolves of the Continental Congress. That the said Mr˙ Scott said he apprehended the Governour would grant no such commission, and that he would advise him to decline such an undertaking; and in consequence of Mr˙ Scott' s advice, he, this deponent, and many others, on hearing Mr˙ Scott' s sentiments, changed their resolution, and never after mustered upon the plan proposed by Stephen Horsey. And this deponent further saith, that the Rev˙ Mr˙ Scott requested he would make him acquainted with the time of their next meeting, for that he would attend such meeting, and endeavour to convince them that they were doing wrong. And the reason why he did not give Mr˙ Scott the information required, was, because he, this deponent, at the instigation of the said Mr˙ Scott, had left the Company, and never joined them after. And this deponent further saith, that, during his conversation with the said Mr˙ Scott, Isaac Atkinson came up, joined in the discourse, and said the major part of the people down his way were of the same opinion with Stephen Horsey; that he understood people in general were so, and particularly the people of Dorset: on which the said Mr˙ Scott advised him to desist from such schemes, and join in the common cause, and not set up his judgment against those of superior knowledge; that he, the said Mr˙ Scott, advised him to attend the meeting for choosing a Committee; on which the said Atkinson said he wanted no Committee, nor did the people in his neighbourhood, for they apprehended it was a Presbyterian scheme; that he, this deponent, says, that during the whole conversation, the said Mr˙ Scott disapproved of their schemes, and advised the said Atkinson and the deponent to unite with the Continent in support of the common cause of their Country. And further this deponent saith not.

Taken before me, the subscriber, this 25th day of November, 1775.