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Statement of Nicholas Martindale and George McCree



In justice to Captain Samuel Tucker, of the Hancock, in return for his civilities, we do hereby certify, that on the 29th day of October last we was taken in the brig Lively, bound from Air to Newfoundland, by the Hancock, in the Continental service, and brought into this port on the 13th current. That Captain Samuel Tucker, commander of the Hancock, allowed us to remain on board the Lively till her arrival here, where we was treated with all manner of civilities and good usage. Mr˙ Tucker he not only give liberty for Mr˙ McCree, the master, mate and hands of the Lively to take all their clothes and private adventures, &c˙, for their own particular account, but after some of the sailors had been robbed of some goods and clothes by his people, which were missing for some days, he was at the pains to search for the goods, &c˙, which he found and delivered, and such part as could not be found, he generously paid the full price for out of his own pocket. He likewise has been at all manner of pains since we arrived, to introduce us to such gentlemen as could be of any service to us, and has done every thing in his power to make matters as easy and agreeable to us as possible in our present situation.

Given under our hands, as witness our subscriptions, at Boston, this 30th day of November, 1776.

Commander of the Lively, NICHOLAS MARTINDALE.

Owner of her cargo, GEORGE McCREE.