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Cadwalader Colden, Jan., committed to the common jail, by the Committee for Ulster County



In Committee for the County of Ulster, New-Paltz,
July 4, 1776.

In consequence of an Order issued by this Committee the 28th ultimo, directing Cadwallader Colden, Jun˙, to appear here this day, where he had appealed from the Joint Committees of Newburgh and New-Windsor on the 24th ultimo:

Mr˙ Colden appeared accordingly, and a Letter was produced and read to this Committee, directed to the Joint Committees of this County by Cadwallader Colden, Jun˙, wherein the said Colden refers to the principles and opinions


he hath ever professed since the present disputes between Great Britain and the Colonies took place; but, as he says in his letter, while he thought they might in the least contribute to ward off the calamities he then saw must attend the publick measures then adopted. He then gave the Committee a specimen of those principles, which are as follows, viz: That he had ever been opposed to the measures adopted for the redress of grievances, and ever believed that America was aiming at, what he now saw plainly taking place, to wit: Independency; which he should ever oppose with all his might, and wished to the Lord that his name might be entered on record as opposed to that matter, and be handed down to latest posterity, to show them his disapprobation of it.

On this Mr˙ Colden was desired to withdraw.

Then the Committee proceeded to consider of the matter, together with the evidence of Messrs˙ Palmer and Logan, which they were already furnished with. After debating the affair for some time, the Committee resolved to give Mr˙ Colden the offer of signing the late Association published by our Provincial Congress, with the addition — that is, that he should, in the presence of that Committee, declare upon his honour that he would immediately equip himself for the field of battle, and in case of actual invasion, go forth with the rest of his neighbours to action in defence of his country. His answer at first was, that he would not, let the consequences be what they would. Only a small space elapsed, when he desired that the Committee would indulge him (on his parole of honour) a few days to consider of the matter, and consult his family. On which he was desired to withdraw till the Committee should determine whether his request would be granted. He did, and the Committee determined that he should give a direct answer immediately. Of this he was notified, and after considering the matter for some time, he returned, and told the Committee that if he must sign it he must. The Committee then observed to him that they would use no compulsive means for that purpose; that if he did sign it, they would recommend it to him to do it freely. He then answered that he supposed the consequence of his not doing it would be his being sent to jail. To which the Committee answered him, they had not as yet determined what was to be done in that case, but observed to Mr˙ Colden that it was inconsistent with the character of a gentleman to sign anything contrary to his sentiments for fear of a little punishment.

On which Mr˙ Colden withdrew again.

After some time he returned, and informed the Committee that he would now sign the Association as directed by Congress, but thought the Committee had no right to impose additions. To this the Committee answered him, they had determined on the matter, and would not recede. On this Mr˙ Colden said they might do as they pleased; then turned his back and departed the room. After which the Committee then resolved that Cadwallader Colden, Jun˙, be committed to the common Jail of this County, there to remain until discharged by the Provincial Congress or this Committee.

By order of the Committee:

ROBERT BOYD, Jun˙, Chairman.