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Directions to the Selectmen and Committees


July 14, 1775.

Passed upon Mr˙ Ingerfield' s Account, amounting to one Pound, four Shillings, for which an order was given him on the Committee of Supplies.

Whereas, some evil-minded persons, taking advantage of the confusion occasioned by the Battles of Lexington and Charlestown, have plundered and carried off into several parts of this and the neighbouring Colonies sundry Goods and Household Furniture, belonging to some of the unhappy sufferers of Boston and Charlestown: therefore,

Resolved, That the Selectmen and Committees, of Correspondence in the several Towns and Districts within this Colony, and also the Town Officers in the neighbouring Colonies, be, and they hereby are, severally and earnestly requested to inspect their several Towns and Districts, and if they should discover any such Goods or Household Furniture, such officers are desired to send all such effects to the office of Mr˙ Joseph Peirce Palmer, Quartermaster-General, in Cambridge, for the benefit of the true and rightful proprietors.

Passed upon Edward Goodwin, Jr˙' s Account, amounting to eleven Pounds, nine Shillings, and four Pence, and a certificate was given him accordingly.

" Received of the Committee of Safety, for the use of Colonel Doolittle' s Regiment, one Small-Arm, appraised at two Pounds, fourteen Shillings, for which I promise to account with the Colony, unless it should be lost in action.

" BNJ˙ HOLDEN, Lieutenant-Colonel."

" Received of the Committee of Safety, for the use of my Regiment, five Small- Arms, amounting, by appraisement, to twelve Pounds, six Shillings; which Guns I promise to account for, unless lost in action.

" J˙ BREWER, Colonel."

The Commissary-General is directed to supply Jonathan Blaisdel, Daniel Call, and Obadiah Bagor, Armourers in the Colony service, with Provisions.