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Proceedings of the Committee for Richmond County


Richmond County Committee-Chamber, May 11, 1776.

Agreeable to the adjournment of the 8th instant, the Committee have this day met, and proceeded to the trial of Thomas Frost.

John Williams, examined upon oath, saith: That he was the last Sabbath-day at Mr˙ Romer' s Tavern, at the north side; and that he saw there a man with a surtout coat on,


who encouraged him to go on board the man-of-war; and that he was told the man that was talking to him with a surtout coat was Frost; but that he did not know that it was the Sheriff, but by being told it was; and that he knew that it was not Scoby, the under Sheriff, for him he personally knew; and he went to the Captain of the riflemen, and told him that he was accused for breaking open the jail; the Captain told him to return back to the officer to whom he belonged; and that he had been that day very much in liquor; and further saith not.

William Scoby sworn, saith: That he was, on the aforesaid Sabbath-day, at Romer' s Tavern, where the said Williams was; and that he did not see nor know that the said Thomas Frost had been at the north side or tavern that day; and that he did not believe that he (the said Frost) had been at the north side that day; and further saith not.

The Committee then taking into consideration the accusation alleged by William Dunn against the said Thomas Frost, and it appearing to the Committee that the said accusation was groundless and without any foundation: We do, therefore, resolve to discharge the said Thomas Frost from the accusation and charge alleged by the said William Dunn, and he is discharged accordingly.

A true copy from the Minutes.

By order of the Committee: