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Maryland Convention



At a Meeting of the Committees appointed by the several Counties of the Province of Maryland, at the City of Annapolis, the 22d day of June, 1774, and continued by adjournment from day to day, till the 25th day of the same month; were present:

For ST˙ MARY' S County. — Colonel Abraham Barnes, Messrs˙ Henry Greenfield Sothoron, Jeremiah Jordon.

For KENT County. — Messrs˙ William Ringgold, Thomas Ringgold, Joseph Nicholson, Jun˙, Thomas Smyth, Joseph Earle.

For QUEEN ANNE' S County. — Messrs˙ Turbut Wright, Richard Tilghman Earle, Solomon Wright, John Brown, Thomas Wright.


For PRINCE GEORGE' S County. — Messrs˙ Robert Tyler, Joseph Sim, Joshua Beall, John Rogers, Addison Murdoch, William Bowie, B˙ Hall, son of Francis, Osborn Sprigg.

For ANNE ARUNDEL County, and the City of ANNAPOLIS. — Charles Carroll, Esquire, (barrister,) Messrs˙ B˙ T˙ B˙ Worthington, Thomas Johnson, Jun˙, Samuel Chase, John Hall, William Paca, Matthias Hammond, Samuel Chew, John Weems, Thomas Dorsey, Rezin Hammond.

For BALTIMORE County and BALTIMORE Town. — Captain Charles Ridgely, Messrs˙ Thomas Cockey Deye, Walter Tolley, Jun˙, Robert Alexander, William Lux, Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, George Risteau.

For TALBOT County. — Messrs˙ Matthew Tilghman, Edward Lloyd, Nicholas Thomas, R˙ Goldsborough, 4th.

For DORCHESTER County. — Messrs˙ Robert Goldsborough, William Ennalls, Henry Steel, John Ennalls, Rob' t Harrison, Col. Henry Hooper, Mr˙ Matthew Brown.

For SOMERSET County. — Messrs˙ Peter Waters, John Waters, George Dashiell.

For CHARLES County. — Messrs˙ William Smallwood, Francis Ware, Josiah Hawkins, Joseph Hanson Harrison, Daniel Jenifer, John Dent, Thomas Stone.

For CALVERT County. — Messrs˙ John Weems, Edward Reynolds, Benjamin Mackall, (attorney.)

For CECIL County. — Messrs˙ John Veazy, Jun˙, William Ward, Stephen Hyland.

For WORCESTER County. — Messrs˙ Peter Chaille, John Done,, William Morris.

For FREDERICK County. — Messrs˙ Thomas Price, Alexander Contee Hanson, Baker Johnson, Andrew Scott, Philip Thomas, Thomas Sprigg Wootton, Henry Griffith, Evan Thomas, Richard Thomas, Richard Brooke, Thomas Cramphin, Jun˙, Allen Bowie, Jun.

For HARFORD County. — Messrs˙ Richard Dallum, John Love, Thomas Bond, John Paca, Benedict Edward Hall, Jacob Bond.

For CAROLINE County. — Messrs˙ Thomas White, William Richardson, Isaac Bradley, Nathaniel Potter, Thomas Goldsborough.

MATTHEW TILGHMAN, Esq˙, in the Chair,

JOHN DUCKETT, chose Clerk.

It being moved from the Chair to ascertain the manner of dividing upon questions, it was agreed that on any division each county have one vote, and that all questions be determined by a majority of counties.

The Letter and Vote of the town of Boston, several Letters and Papers from Philadelphia and Virginia, the Act of Parliament for blocking up the port and harbour of Boston, the Bill depending in Parliament subversive of the Charter of Massachusetts Bay, and that enabling the Governour to send supposed offenders from thence to another Colony, or England, for trial, were read, and after mature deliberation thereon:

1st. Resolved, That the said Act of Parliament, and Bills, if passed into Acts, are cruel and oppressive invasions of the natural rights of the people of the Massachusetts Bay, as men, and of their constitutional rights as English subjects; and that the said Act, if not repealed, and the said Bills, if passed into Acts, will lay a foundation for the utter destruction of British America, and, therefore, that the town of Boston and Province of Massachusetts Bay, are now suffering in the common cause of America.

2d. Resolved, That it is the duty of every Colony in America to unite in the most speedy and effectual means to obtain a repeal of the said Act, and also of the said Bills, if passed into Acts.

3d. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that if the Colonies come into a joint resolution to stop all importations from, and exportations to, Great Britain, until the said Act, or Bills if passed into Acts, be repealed, the same will be the most speedy and effectual means to obtain a repeal of the said Act or Acts, and preserve North America, and her liberties.

4th. Resolved, Notwithstanding the people of this Province will have many inconveniences and difficulties to encounter by breaking off their commercial intercourse with their mother country, and are deeply affected at the distress which will be thereby necessarily brought on many of their fellow-subjects in Great Britain, yet their affections


and regard to an injured and oppressed sister Colony, their duty to themselves, their posterity, and their country, demand the sacrifice — and, therefore, that this Province will join in an Association with the other principal and neighbouring Colonies, to stop all exportations to, and importations from, Great Britain, until the said Act and Bills, if passed into Acts, be repealed; the non-importation and non-exportation to take place on such future day as may be agreed on by a general Congress of Deputies from the Colonies — the non-export of tobacco to depend and take place only on a similar agreement by Virginia and North Carolina, and to commence at such time as may be agreed on by the Deputies for this Province and the said Colonies of Virginia and North Carolina.

5th. Resolved, That the Deputies of this Province are authorized to agree to any restrictions upon exports to the West Indies which may be deemed necessary by a majority of the Colonies at the general Congress.

6th. Resolved, That the Deputies from this Province are authorized, in case the majority of the Colonies should think the importation of particular articles from Great Britain to be indispensably necessary for their respective Colonies, to admit and provide for the Province such articles as our circumstances shall necessarily require.

7th. Resolved, That it is the opinion of this Committee, that the merchants and others, venders of goods and merchandise within this Province, ought not to take advantage of the above Resolve for non-importation, but that they ought to sell their goods and merchandise that they have now, or may hereafter import, at the same rates they have been accustomed to do within one year last past; and that if any persons shall sell any goods which he now has, or hereafter may have, or may import, on any other terms than above expressed, no inhabitant of this Province ought, at any time thereafter, to deal with any such person, his agent, manager, factor, or storekeeper, for any commodity whatever.

8th. Resolved, unanimously, That a subscription be opened in the several counties of this Province, for an immediate collection for the relief of the distressed inhabitants of Boston, now cruelly deprived of the means of procuring subsistence for themselves and families, by the operation of the said Act for blocking up their harbour, and that the same be collected by the Committees of the respective counties, and shipped by them in such provisions as may be thought most useful.

9th. Resolved, unanimously, That this Committee embrace this public opportunity to testify their gratitude and most cordial thanks to the patrons and friends of liberty in Great Britain for their patriotic efforts to prevent the present calamity of America.

10th. Resolved, That Matthew Tilghman, Thomas Johnson, Jun˙, Robert Goldsborough, William Paca, and Samuel Chase, Esquires, or any two or more of them, be Deputies for this Province, to attend a general Congress of Deputies from the Colonies, at such time and place as may be agreed on, to effect one general plan of conduct, operating on the commercial connection of the Colonies with the mother country, for the relief of Boston and preservation of American liberty; and that the Deputies of this Province immediately correspond with Virginia and Pennsylvania, and through them with the other Colonies, to obtain a meeting of the general Congress, and to communicate, as the opinion of this Committee, that the 20th day of September next, will be the most convenient time, and the City of Philadelphia, the most convenient place, for a meeting, which time and place, to prevent delay, they are directed to propose.

11th. Resolved, unanimously. That this Province will break off all trade and dealings with that Colony, Province, or town, which shall decline or refuse to come into the general plan which may be adopted by the Colonies.

12th. Resolved, That the Deputies for this Province upon their return, call together the Committees of the several counties, and lay before them the measures adopted by the general Congress.

Ordered, That copies of these Resolutions be transmitted to the Committee of Correspondence for the several Colonies, and be also published in the Maryland Gazette.

Per order,

Clerk of the Committee.