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The Committee on Colonel Arnold' s Accounts have examined Captain Noble' s Pay-Roll, and find that the said Arnold has charged this Colony with said Noble' s Pay-Roll, and has received the whole thereof. It further appears, that the balance due to said Noble, which the said Arnold has received, amounts to thirty-six Pounds, five Shillings, and five Pence. And as it appears that the said Noble and his men are in great want of their money, and the said Arnold is now in the Continental service, and cannot at present be come at, to pay the sum he received for the use of the said Noble and his Company: therefore,

Resolved, That there be allowed and paid, by the Treasurer of this Colony, to the said Captain Noble, the sum of thirty-six Pounds, five Shillings, and five Pence, being the full balance of his Muster-Roll; he giving security to pay the several men made up in his Muster-Roll the several sums due to them.

And it is further Resolved, That this Court prefer to General Washington a charge of the sum aforesaid against the said Arnold, that a stoppage of so much as is before ordered to be paid to said Noble may be made, for the benefit of the Continent.