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Resolutions of the Continental Congress of the 22d of November relative to the Island of Bermuda Read and filed


The Resolutions of the Continental Congress of the 22d of November, relative to the Island of Bermuda, and therein enclosed, were also read and filed, and are in the words following, to wit:

"In Congress, November 22, 1775.

"The Congress resumed the consideration of the Report from the Committee of the Whole, which was agreed to as follows:

"The Committee of the Whole, to whom were referred the several Petitions from the Island of Bermuda, representing the distress to which they were exposed by the Non-exportation Agreement, and praying to be relieved in such manner as the Congress may deem consistent with the safety of America, report that they have considered the same, and thereupon came to the following Resolutions:

"That the inhabitants of the Island of Bermuda appear


friendly to the cause of America, and ought to be supplied with such and so great a quantity of the produce of these Colonies as may be necessary for their subsistence and home consumption; that, in the opinion of this Committee, they will annually require, for the purposes aforesaid, 72,000 bushels of Indian Corn, 2,000 barrels of Bread or Flour, 1,000 barrels of Beef or Pork, 2,100 bushels of Peas or Beans, and 300 tierces of Rice, and that they be permitted to export the same yearly.

"That the said inhabitants ought to pay for the above annual allowance in Salt; but it is not the design of this Resolution to exclude them from the privilege of receiving American produce, to any amount, in exchange for Arms, Ammunition, Saltpetre, Sulphur, and Field-Pieces, agreeably to a Resolution of Congress, passed the 10th of July last.

"That, to enable such of these Colonies, as can conveniently furnish the Island of Bermuda with the above mentioned allowance, to divide whatever advantages may result therefrom, in proportion to their respective shares of the general expense, it is further the opinion of this Committee:

"That the Colony of South-Carolina supply them with 300 tierces of Rice.

"That the Colony of North-Carolina supply them with 16,000 bushels of Indian Corn, and 463 bushels of Peas or Beans.

"That the Colony of Virginia supply them with 36,000 bushels of Indian Corn, and 1,050 bushels of Peas or Beans.

"That the Colony of Maryland supply them with 20,000 bushels of Indian Corn, and 582 bushels of Peas or Beans.

"That the Colony of Pennsylvania supply them with 1,200 barrels of Flour or Bread, and 600 barrels of Beef or Pork.

"That the Colony of New-York supply them with 800 barrels of Flour or Bread, and 400 barrels of Beef or Pork.

"That the Conventions or Committees of Safety of the above-mentioned Colonies ought to superintend the said exportation, provide against frauds, and take care that, in exchanging the said commodities of Salt and Provisions, no undue advantage be taken by either party of their mutual wants. And, further, that no Vessel employed in this business ought to load without their permission; and that when they shall, in pursuance of these Resolutions, permit any of the said Vessels to load, they do give notice thereof to the Committee of Inspection of the County, City, or Town, where such Vessel shall load, and inform them that the same is done under the authority and by order of this Congress.

"Ordered, That a copy of the foregoing Resolutions be transmitted to the several Conventions, Assemblies, or Committees of Safety of the United Colonies, and to the Island of Bermuda; and that the inhabitants of the latter be informed that the Congress will afford them other necessaries, such as Lumber, Soap, and Candles, whenever the quality and quantity of each of those articles, used in the Island, shall be ascertained.

"That Edward Stile' s be permitted, under the direction of the Committee of Safety of the Colony of Pennsylvania, to send the Brig Sea-Nymph, Samuel Stobel, Master, with 4,000 bushels of Indian Corn, 300 barrels of Flour, 100 barrels of Bread, 20 barrels of Pork, 8 barrels of Beef, 30 boxes of Soap, and 15 barrels of Apples, to Bermuda, for the immediate supply of the inhabitants; and that the said cargo be considered as part of the annual allowance aforesaid, for the year ensuing.

"Extract from the Minutes: