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Papers Related to Ebenezer Bradish, Junior, Esquire, of Cambridge

Certificate to Ebenezer Bradish, Junior, Esquire, of Cambridge



Cambridge, May 3, 1775.

Whereas Ebenezer Bradish, Jan˙, Esq˙, of Cambridge, has been represented as a person unfriendly to the just rights and liberties of his Country, and by withdrawing himself from Cambridge and retiring to Boston, on the day of the late unhappy commencement of hostilities between the Troops under the command of General Gage and the inhabitants of this Province, he has increased the publick suspicions against him, whereby he is rendered more odious and disagreeable to his countrymen:

Therefore, to remove from the minds of our beloved friends and countrymen all groundless apprehensions, and to do justice to Mr˙ Bradish, we, the subscribers, having made due inquiry into the cause of his going to Boston at the time aforesaid, and of his conduct since, do say that we are satisfied that Mr˙ Bradish had no desire by that means to do any injury to his Country, but on the contrary his design was friendly, and his conduct justifiable: and we recommend it to all persons to conduct towards Mr˙ Bradish as a gentleman who is not unfriendly to the rights and


privileges of his countrymen, so far as we are able to discover, upon strict inquiry into his late conduct.

SETH POMEROY, General, of Northampton.
THOMAS LEGATE, Colonel, of Leominster.
ELISHA PORTER, Colonel, of Hadley.
JOHN PATTERSON, Colonel, of Lenox.
HENRY HERRICK, Colonel, of Beverly.
LEVI SHEPAHRD, Major, of Northampton.
JONATHAN W. AUSTIN, Major, of Chelmsford.
THOMAS WILLIAMS, Captain, of Stockbridge.
EBENEZER SAYER, Colonel, of Wells.

Additional Information from Ebenezer Bradish, Junior, Esquire, of Cambridge

N˙ B˙ Whereas a report has been unjustly spread abroad that it was not the Regulars but our people who took the goods lost out of my house; this is to certify to all good people, that the said report is false, and never came from me, and that I am certain my house was not only shot at but plundered by the Regulars.


May 11, 1775.