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July 6


"In the House of Representatives, July 6, 1776.

"Resolved, That Jonathan Brown, Esq˙, Doctor Moses Morse, Mr˙ Benjamin Guild, Oliver Wendell, Esq˙, and Major Jacob Davis, be a Committee to agree with two suitable persons to ride post to Crown Point once a week until the last day of November next; and that the said Post take such route as the Committee aforesaid shall think best — the said Post to start from and return to Watertown until the further orders of this Court.

"And it is further Resolved, That some person be appointed at Watertown by the Committee aforesaid to receive and deliver such Letters as shall not be delivered before said Post' s arrival at Watertown; and that all Letters to or from any persons in the Army be carried free of charge.

"Sent up for concurrence.

"WILLIAM COOPER, Speaker pro tem.

"IN COUNCIL, July 6, 1776: Read and concurred.

"JOHN AVERY, Deputy Secretary.

"Consented to by the major part of the Council.

"A true copy: Attest: JOHN AVERY, Dep˙ Sec.

"N˙ B˙ Letters to be received and delivered at Mr˙ Stephen Harris' s, near Watertown Bridge, and at Captain Nathaniel Daniels' s, in Worthington."