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Proceedings of the Committee for the Town of Sandwich


At a meeting of a number of the Members of the Committees of Correspondence and Inspection, of the town of Sandwich, on January 12, 1776, Mr˙ Stephen Nye was chosen Chairman, and Benjamin Fessenden, Clerk.

Present: Messrs˙ Stephen Nye, Eliakim Tobey, Lieutenant John Dillingham, Captain Simeon Fish, Elisha Pope, Nathaniel Fish, Seth Freeman, Esquire, Lot Nye, and Benjamin Fessenden.

Whereas, the Committees, or at least a number of each, were some time past informed that a certain sloop, reputed to be owned by Solomon Nye, of Falmouth, Levi Barlow, Jesse Barlow, and Obed Barlow, of this town, was preparing to go on a voyage to the West-Indies, contrary to the recommendations of the Continental Congress and Provincial Assembly; and, in consequence thereof, chose one of their number to make inquiry into the affair; and, in case it was found necessary, to make application to the commanding officer of the troops stationed in this County for orders for them to stop said vessel, or something similar to it, the proceedings at which meeting the Committee cannot now come at. In consequence of which, said member went and received assurances from the above Solomon Nye and Jesse Barlow, that said vessel should not proceed on said voyage without liberty from the General Court. Notwithstanding which, we last week received information that said vessel had loaded and sailed on said voyage, but meeting with contrary winds, was returned and then at anchor. On which, a number of us met and passed the following vote, viz:

That Captain Ward Swift be requested to repair on board-said vessel, with such aid as he shall judge necessary, and strip her of her sails, or take some other effectual method to put it out of their power to prosecute said voyage until they shall obtain liberty.

In consequence of which, Captain Swift hath attempted,


with a file of men, to stop said vessel; but, before he could get on board, she came to sail, and is gone off.

Therefore, voted, that Captain Benjamin Fessenden be desired to write to the Speaker of the honourable House of Representatives, and enclose to him a copy of this vote. Unanimously agreed to. A true copy of the Minutes: