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Dr. John Smith, charged with practices inimical to America, committed to Prison


Thursday, January 18, 1776.

In Committee of Safety: Present — John Nixon, Chairman, Robert White, John Cadwallader, Owen Biddle, Thomas Wharton, James Biddle, Anthony Wayne, Samuel Howell, Daniel Roberdeau, James Mease, Francis Johnson.

Mr˙ Alexander Hall, having delivered his appointment as an Ensign to one of the Companies in the four Battalions now to be raised by order of Congress, this Board proceeded to the choice of another gentleman as a fit person to supply his place, when Mr˙ Joseph Standley was agreed to be appointed.

This Committee being informed by Congress, through Andrew Alien, Esq˙, that there was some dispute about the classing the Field-Officers, upon inquiry, do find that there was some small difference between Colonel St˙ Clair and Colonel Wayne respecting the arrangement of their Majors. Therefore,


Resolved, That Nicholas Haussiger be appointed Major to Colonel Wayne' s Battalion, and Joseph Wood be Major to Colonel St˙ Clair' s Battalion.

Whereas, it appears by a Report from the Committee of Inspection and Observation of the City of Philadelphia, that they have, without effect, taken every peaceable measure in their power to obtain certain goods belonging to Messrs˙ Joshua Fisher & Sons, now in the store of the said Committee, and applied for by this Board for the publick service, and it appearing to this Committee that the said goods, consisting of Sail-Cloth, Lead, Russia Sheeting, Raven' s Duck, Linens, Red Serge, White Lead and Spanish Brown, are essentially necessary for the publick service, it is

Resolved, That the said Committee of Inspection and Observation, deliver said goods to Thomas Lawrence, vendue master, to be immediately sold at publick vendue, that this Committee may have an opportunity of purchasing them for the publick service, and that this Committee will pay for the same, or be answerable for the payment when required.

Doctor John Smith being brought to this City by Captain Shryock, as a person inimical to the liberties of America, was, by order of the Board, committed to prison, agreeable to the following Commitment, viz:

Whereas, Doctor John Smith stands charged before this Board with practices inimical to the liberties of America, these are to authorize and require you to receive into your custody the said Doctor John Smith, and him safely and closely keep confined, without admitting any person to speak with, or have access to him, unless by special order from the honourable the Continental Congress, or this Board, and without pen, ink, and paper, until he be discharged by the said Congress, or this Committee. And hereof you are not to fail, at your peril.

By order of the Committee:

JOHN NIXON, Chairman.

To the Keeper of the Jail of the City and County of Philadelphia.

Ordered, That John Hall be authorized to purchase half a ton of Bar-Iron, for Lewis Prahl, for making GunBarrels, and draw upon this Committee for the amount.

Robert Towers reports his having received and delivered the following articles: Seven hundredweight of Shot, received from Thomas Smith; one hundred weight received from Meire Baxter, cash one pound eighteen shillings; ten half-barrels Powder, weight five hundred pounds, sent to Virginia, by order of Congress, which Powder is the property of the Congress: two pounds of powder delivered Mr˙ Wynkoop, of Bucks County.