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General Schuyler to Governour Trumbull



New-York, June 30, 1775.

SIR: I enclose your Honour a copy of a Resolution of the honourable the Continental Congress. I should have been happy if either of the important articles mentioned in it could, have been procured here. The Provincial Congress of this Colony have already pledged their faith and fortunes for a very considerable debt, accrued on the publick account. They will, however, with that distinguished zeal for the common cause, which has already done them so much honour, do every thing in their power to carry into execution, the important views of the Continental Congress, and furnish me with such articles as they shall be able to procure here. I am, however, left under the necessity of calling on your Honour for the aid of fifteen or twenty thousand Pounds of your money, (the latter sum if possible,) which I wish to have at Albany as soon as conveniently it may, and have therefore sent Walter Livingston, esq˙, a member, of the Provincial Congress here. Into this gentleman' s hands your Honour will please to put the money, taking his receipt for the same; and permit me to entreat you, Sir, to give him an escort of some gentlemen, TO his father' s (Col˙ Livingston) on Hudson' s River. Ammunition, that indispensably necessary article, cannot be had here even in the smallest quantity; hence my demand on your Honour must necessarily be considerable, I wish I could possibly do with less than six tons of powder. If any more can be spared you will doubtless send it. This article I wish to have forwarded by land to any part of Hudson' s River. I shall immediately despatch a trusty officer to Connecticut, to take charge of it.

I shall be extremely happy to receive a line from you, the soonest possible, and by express, on the subject matter of this application, directed to me at Albany, that I may have it in my power to attempt other measures, should it be out of your power to comply with this requisition. I am, &c˙, your Honour' s most obedient and humble servant,


The Honourable Jonathan Trumbull, Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief of the Colony of Connecticut.