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Affidavits and Testimony relating to the counterfeiting


The Examination of HENRY VANDYNE, taken this 5th day of APRIL, 1776, before the Committee of Observation for the Township of MORRIS.

This examinant saith: That his wife, some time last winter, told him, in a jocose way, that she could make the Continental money; and that he frequently saw her attempting to make such money; and at length she did make six bills in imitation of the true bills of the Continental currency, viz; two bills of one dollar each, and four bills of three dollars each; and that she gave one of those three dollar Continental bills in payment to Elizabeth, the wife of Samuel Fordice; and that she gave one of the said counterfeit bills to Isaac Vandyne, Jun˙, to get changed for her, which the said Isaac returned to this examinant; and one of said counterfeit bills this examinant' s wife told him she gave to Matthew Vandyne; and the other three dollar counterfeit bill he (Henry) took to the Great Pond, and there lent the last-mentioned bill to Matthew Vandyne; and that he (Henry) gave one of the said counterfeit one dollar bills in


part payment to Mark Walton, last Tuesday; and the other one dollar counterfeit bill he (Henry) gave to Richard Vanderhoof, who tried to pass the said bill away at Isaac Lewis' s Tavern, in Mendham, but could not, it being suspected to be counterfeit; and that he (this examinant) saw his said wife Elizabeth complete two of said counterfeit bills; and doth verily believe that she made each and every of the said six counterfeit bills, within two months last past; and this examinant knows of no person or persons aiding or assisting his said wife in counterfeiting said bills; but that he brought some writing-paper from Matthew Vandyne' s, for his wife; but believed the said Matthew did not know the paper was wanted for any bad purpose; and further this examinant saith, that he let Isaac Vandyne have one other of the said three dollar counterfeit bills, which the said Isaac paid to Cornelius Davenport, in discharge of their expenses at said Davenport' s; and hath no reason to believe the said Isaac knew the said bill was counterfeit.


Taken and acknowledged as above,