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Letter from Lord Stirling to Isaac Bonnell, giving directions about the Barracks



Elizabethtown, December 4, 1775.

SIR: I have received your letter of this day' s date by Captain Conway. In answer to which, I must desire that you will deliver into Captain Conway' s charge all the blankets now under your care as Barrackmaster of this Province, having them first sorted into different parcels, viz: Such as are as good as new ones, those a little worn, such as are a quarter worn, and so on; and this is to be done in the presence of two or three indifferent persons, to be chosen by yourself and Captain Conway, whose receipt you will take for the same; for my meaning is, that we shall be answerable for the value of these blankets, and to pay that value into the hands of any person the Assembly of this Province shall appoint to receive the same. The usual barrack furniture you will also deliver to Captain Conway, taking his receipt for them, particularly enumerated. And, with regard to the repairs necessary and the providing fire-wood, I should be glad you would have it executed; and it shall be paid for by the Commissary of the Jersey troops in the Continental service at the usual rates.


To Isaac Bonnel, Esq˙, Perth-Amboy.