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Signers and Objectors against the Association in Suffolk County


We, the subscribers, do most solemnly declare that the claims of the British Parliament to bind at their discretion the people of the United Colonies in America in all cases whatsoever, are, in our opinions, absurd, unjust, and tyrannical; and that the hostile attempts of their Fleets and Armies to enforce submission to those wicked and ridiculous claims ought to be resisted by arms; and therefore we do engage and associate, under all the ties which we respectively hold sacred, to defend by arms these United Colonies, against the said hostile attempts, agreeable to such laws or regulations as our representatives in the Congress or future General Assemblies of this Colony have or shall for that purpose make and establish.

Richard Smith,
Stephen Reeves,
Joseph Dorlon,
Daniel Smith,
Thomas Byron,
Andrew Allen,
Jacob Lambertson,
John Fliet,
Joseph Bedell,
William McCown,
Nathaniel Smith,
Peter Wheeler,
John Campbell,
John Carman,
Elijah Rainer,
William Hanna,
Benjamin Pettit.


A List of the men in my Company. Those marked †, not appeared. Those marked *, refused signing. Those not marked, signed.

Josiah Lupton, Capt˙,*
David Glover,†
John Tarry, at the Bateing Hollow.
N˙ Benjamin, Lieut˙,
Samuel Glover, †
Benj˙ Hutchenson, Ensign,
James Glover, †
Matthew Hedges,
Benjamin Pain,
David Tarry, Jr˙,
J˙ Woodhull, Clerk,
John Tuthill,
Selah Wells,
Jas˙ Lupton, Serg' t,
John Tuthill, Jr˙,
Ambrose Horton,
G˙ Edwards, Serg' t,
Benj˙ Emmons, 3d,*
John Corwin,*
Benj˙ Edwards, Serg' t,
John Pain,*
Daniel Robinson, †
Absol˙ Brown, Serg' t,
James Lupton, Jr˙,
Jonathan Robinson,*
Abij˙ Owen, Corporal,
Christ˙ Talleball,*
Spencer Dayton,†
Wm˙ Petty, Corporal,
Benj˙ Emmons, Jr˙,*
James Petty, Jr˙,*
Isaiah Tarry, Corporal,
Benjamin Dickerson,
Tuthill Dayton,†
Samuel Howell, Corp˙,
Israel Hallock,
Henry Wiet,*
John Petty, Jr˙,
Zebulon Hallock,
Caleb Hulse,†
Richard Wood, †
Daniel Edwards,
Jeremiah Havens, †
William Woodhull,
Obadiah Wells,
James Mapes,
John Tarry, at the Wading River.
Silas Howell,
John Edwards, †
Israel Howell, Jr˙,
Enos Auldridge,
Peter Reeve, †
Gershom Aldrege,
James Owen,*
Absolem Brown,
Matthias Corwin,
Timothy Hudson,
Zadock Reeve, †
Benjamin Tuthill,
Asa Brown,
Frederick Hudson.