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Wednesday, March 29, 1775.

On motion,

The draught of Instructions for the gentlemen appointed by the House to represent this Government at an American Congress, proposed to be held at Philadelphia in May next, was, by order, read the second time, paragraph by paragraph, agreed to, and ordered to be transcribed oh the minutes, and follows in these words, to wit:

Instructions to the Deputies appointed by this Government to meet in General Congress on the tenth day of MAY next.

1. That in every act to be done in Congress, you studiously avoid, as you have heretofore done, every thing disrespectful or offensive to our most gracious Sovereign, or in any measure invasive of his just rights and prerogative.

2. That you do adhere to those claims and resolutions made and agreed upon at the last meeting of the Congress; yet, for the restoration of that harmony with the Parent State which is so essential to the security and happiness of the whole British Empire, and which is so ardently wished for by this House, you may, on your parts, yield such contested claims of right as do not apparently belong to the Colonists, or are not essentially necessary to their well being.

3. If His Majesty should be pleased graciously to appoint any person or persons to treat with the Colonies on the present unhappy disputes subsisting between them and the Parent State, you, or any of you the Congress shall nominate, may treat with such person or persons on behalf of the inhabitants of this Government.

4. If the Congress, when formed, shall, not, in every question to be voted by Provinces, allow this Government an equal vote with any other Province or Government on this Continent, you are decently but firmly to urge the right of this Government to an equal voice in Congress with the other Colonies.

The House adjourned till the fifth day of June next.