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The Convention now sitting to hear the debates of the House


Resolved, upon motion, That the Committees from the several counties of this Province, now met on publick affairs in the city, be admitted, if they choose it, to hear the debates of the House on that day.

A Petition from the County of Northumberland was presented to the House and read, setting forth, That the Petitioners being situated on the frontiers of the Province, in a county lately laid out, thinly inhabited, and having within the limits of its jurisdiction a great body of intruders from the Colony of Connecticut, who refuse subjection to this Government, they find themselves unable to enforce the laws, and bring offenders to justice, through want of a proper publick jail; that the unavoidable expenses of the county having hitherto required nearly the whole amount of the county levies, the Trustees have not yet received any money from that source, for erecting the necessary Public Buildings, nor is it likely a sufficiency for this useful purpose can be raised in that way for years to come — that the Petitioners, calling to mind the indulgence of former Assemblies to other counties of this Province in their infancy, are encouraged to pray that so much of the money in the Loan Office, appropriated to the use of the said county, as will be sufficient to build at least a County Jail, may be ordered to be paid into the hands of the Trustees appointed by law to erect such building in the said county to be immediately applied to that necessary


work, and that the said money be charged to the county, and reimbursed in the usual, or any other way, which the House may think proper.

Ordered to lie on the table.