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Connecticut Council of Safety



Wednesday, December 6, 1775.

At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety,

Present: His Honour the Governour, Jabez Huntington,


William Williams, Nathaniel Wales, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West, Benjamin Huntington.

On motion by Captain Jonathan Wells, (present,) for directing, &c˙,

Voted, That the Captain and other Officers and Sailors belonging to the armed vessel lately taken near St˙ John' s, and now at Canaan, be disposed of by the Committee for taking care of prisoners, in such town or towns in the County of Litchfield as they shall judge most convenient, until further orders from the General Congress, or the Governour and this Council. Copy given.

Voted, That Captain William Hunter, Lieutenant John Smith, Dr˙ Thomas Sundon, John Kent, William Kent, and a servant of said Smith, who were lately taken at St˙ John' s, and sent as prisoners to be quartered in this Colony, be allowed to reside within the town of Wethersfield, in this Colony, upon their parole of honour not to depart out of said town, until further orders from the Governour and this Committee, or from the Continental Congress. And the Committee for taking charge of and providing for prisoners, are hereby directed to provide for said Captain Hunter, &c˙, in said Wethersfield, in the same manner as Others of their rank are provided for. Copy given.

N˙ B˙ Said Lieutenant and Doctor were present, requesting the same favour, &c.

His Honour having received a letter from General Washington, informing that a number of Soldiers of General Putnam' s Regiment, &c˙, had deserted the service, challenging their term to be expired, &c˙; that he had sent after them, &c˙, and much resenting their conduct, and moving that they ought to be made examples of, &c˙, &c˙, the subject-matter thereof, and their conduct, was largely discussed.

It seems the opinion that their conduct is very reprehensible, and that they are deserters, but considering their term of inlistment was very nearly expired, that it is a critical time, about forming a new Army, that perhaps it is not so well within our Province to deal with them; that the law provides, &c˙, and that the Assembly will probably soon be called, &c˙, it is best to refer the matter to them; and a letter be wrote to General Washington expressing these things, and our resentment of their conduct, and holding forth the zeal and firmness of the Colony notwithstanding, &c. And a letter was accordingly prepared, and considered, and submitted to the Governour' s correction.

And being night, the meeting was dismissed.