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Petition of Thomas Place, of Queen' s County


The Petition of Thomas Place, of Queen' s County, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

To the Honourable Committee of Safety of the Colony of NEW-YORK.

The Petition of THOMAS PLACE, of QUEEN' S County, LONG-ISLAND, most humbly showeth:

That your petitioner, by the persuasion of those whom he looked upon to be his friends, voted against Provincial Delegates in the last election held in Queen' s County, for which he is extremely sorry, and sincerely repents of his conduct.

That your petitioner, without giving himself time to


reflect upon the ill consequences of opposing the choice of Provincial Delegates, (the choosing of which, he is now well convinced, was highly necessary for the preservation of the liberties and properties of the inhabitants of America,) was, by the artful insinuations of designing men, led to oppose the election.

That your petitioner is a sincere friend to the liberties of America, and would go as far as any man in the defence of those liberties.

Your petitioner, therefore, most humbly prays that this honourable Committee would be pleased to take his case into consideration, and restore him to the good opinion of those who are friends to the liberties of this Continent, by declaring to the world that your petitioner is extremely contrite for his late conduct, in opposing the choice of Provincial Delegates, which your petitioner candidly acknowledges was occasioned by the artful persuasion of others, and not from a principle of opposition in your petitioner; or do such other things in the premises as to this honourable Committee shall seem meet for the restoration of your petitioner to the favour of his countrymen.


"New-York, January 3, 1776."

A like Petition of Gabriel Van Cott, of Queen' s County, was also read and filed.

Upon due consideration of the submission tendered by the said Petitioners, and well knowing that the late Resolves of the Congress against the delinquents of Queen' s County were intended to convince them of their demerits, and bring them to a just sense of their duty to the publick, it is hereby

Ordered, That the said Petitioners be restored to the state and condition in which they were before the passing of those Resolves, during their respective future good behaviour.