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John Quigly' s Declaration



Whereas, there has been wickedly and maliciously raised and propagated against me, the subscriber, certain scandalous falsehoods, with an intent, as must be supposed, to cause the publick to view me in the odious light of an enemy to my Country; whereupon I declare that I never said or did any thing with an intent to destroy the liberties of American, or to hurt the publick good, and am now ready to risk my life and fortune in the defence of my Country' s just rights, when properly called, as it always has been and still is my sincere wish to live in peace and harmony with my Country, and serious determination to promote to the utmost of my power the publick weal and tranquility of the same, whose glory I view as closely connected with my own interest; and I hope my future conduct will fully prove the sincerity of my present declaration.


Francestown, July 26, 1775.