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Certificate from Ulster County


At a meeting of the Committee for the County of Ulster, on Tuesday, the 7th of November, 1775, at the house of Mr˙ Roelof Eltinge, in the New-Paltz, the fallowing persons appeared: For KINGSTON: Johannes Sleght, Esq˙, Johannes Beekman, Tobias Van Buren.

For HURLY: Charles De Witt, Adrian Wynkoop, Esquires, For MARBLETOWN: David Bevier.

ROCHESTER: Andreas De Witt, Esq˙, Hendrieus Hornbeck. NEW PALTZ: Johannes A˙ Hardenbergh, Joseph Hatbroeck.

SHAWENGONK: Johannes Janse, Esq.

NEWBURGH: Abel Belknap.

NEW-WINDSOR: Samuel Brewster. NEW MARLBOROUGH: Bordewyn Teerpenning.

WALLKILL: Philip Swartwout, John McInster, Andrew McCord.

HANOVER: James McBride, Alexander Trimble.

The Committee then appointed Johannes Sleght, Esq˙, to sit as Chairman pro tem˙, and Johannes Bruin and Israel Smith to serve as clerks. A considerable number of freeholders of the County of Ulster being then assembled, pursuant to the resolves of the Congress, in order to choose eight Deputies to represent this County; and then, under the inspection of the above Committee, did, by the major voice, choose and elect Henry Wisner, Matthew Rea, Direk Wynkoop, Matthew Cantine, Andreas De Witt and Andreas Lefever, Esquires, Messrs˙ Thomas Palmer and Samuel Brewster, for the purpose aforesaid.

The Committee then resolved, that three of the above Deputies appearing in Congress at one time, shall be entitled to act and give their votes for said County. A true copy from the minutes.

By order of the Committee:

JOHANNES SLEGHT, Chair' n pro tem.